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Bible Plan

Go through the scripture in a year as we read the Bible together. Simply click on today's scripture.

Read the Bible together

This Bible plan will take you through the scripture in a year. The Old Testament is covered chronologically, and the New Testament is read three times throughout the year for balance.

How to proceed? People are not used to reading their Bible. If the average American replaced Live TV consumption with the Bible, they would read through the entire Bible in two weeks (72 hours). If you consider this modern age of smart devices and high media consumption, the average American could complete this plan within three weeks. Over the course of a year, however, there is enough room and repetition, built into this plan that the reader can skim here and there if needed, and still pick up weighty truths and stick with the meta-narrative. The idea is not to become legalistic, losing sight of the purpose of this plan’s construction, which is to provide the tools necessary to gain a balanced perspective of how everything ties together. Happy Reading! God’s Word is life-giving! If you miss one day, don’t let that discourage you, as every other day there's a natural ebb and flow of weight, plus there are a few catch-up days! (Also check the very bottom of this page for an expert tip on how to experience an audio version of this plan! This is a great placeholder now and then when your schedule gets tight, but not a regular mode of operation.)

What about all the detail and pictures on each day? One help as the reader goes through the scripture are the color-coded (picked by gemstones of Levitical Priesthood/New Jerusalem) genre indicators, referring the reader to 12 categories of descriptions. The breakdown at the bottom (or the 'genre' link just below) gives some simple helps on going through the material, keeping the big picture in focus. 

Simply click on a day and the scripture will open automatically!!

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Genre Symbol Key

God calls people to Himself through Old Testament narrative as the reader journeys through the genre that is the largest percentage of the entire Bible. God works salvation through history building towards Christ after years and stages of important development. Discover God’s revelation through history, which is His Story through and through!

This clock logo is the color of Jasper, the first foundational stone of New Jerusalem. Jasper’s common red color and its smooth texture made the stone a common ornament for vases, seals, and boxes. The biblical history is rarely smooth, but always points forward to Christ! Studying the iron-sharpening edge of history, helps us to avoid making the same mistakes, and keep proper perspective on God Himself, His holiness, and our place in His plan!

After saving His people, God draws them to Himself and away from evil by giving them laws for their protection. When reading through the law sections of the Bible, readers are typically challenged with lengthy text from a foreign culture. In this genre, you can investigate God’s Holy Standard and His concern for His people as given through His Law and the Priesthood, all pointing to Christ! Jesus did not come to abolish the Mosaic Law but to fulfill it!

This gavel logo is the color of Sapphire, the second foundational stone of New Jerusalem. Sapphires, typically deep blue, are the hardest of the twelve gemstones mentioned in Revelation. The Law may be the hardest section to find practical application, but value is measured in the spirit of each law given within its culture and time.


Genealogies serve many purposes, one of which includes seeing how family connections impact the overall narrative. Readers often have the temptation to skip these sections when reading scripture, but can miss deep points in the lineage of Christ. Many nuances woven into scripture encourage us and give knowledge that anyone can be used by God!

This family logo is Gray representing the color of Agate, the third foundational stone of New Jerusalem. Agate is a stone that comes in all varieties of colors and patterns, and typically is found in volcanic or metamorphic rocks. Ancient family history is often rocky, but shows the line of Christ.




Poetry, some of the most unique material to read in Scripture, does not always have the most straightforward application but carries immense weight with the proper interpretation. While Psalms and Proverbs are both considered books of poetry, they will each be included in separate sections to highlight their unique placement within Christian culture.

This pen logo is the color of Emerald, the fourth foundational stone of New Jerusalem. Emerald is always a shade of green and is one of the most distinguishable stones in creation. Poetry has incredible standing in the world, and these inspired books are preciously valuable.


Psalms is a collection of poems and serves as a database for the greatest spiritual lyricists of the Ancient World. Each verse contains a melodic element, and readers will experience a deluge of varied emotion as the lyricists pour out their hearts and the emotion of God’s heart as His Word takes the musical form of rebuke or comfort.

This music note logo is the color of Onyx, the fifth foundational stone of New Jerusalem. Onyx’s black color is clearly distinguishable amongst the other colors. Onyx stands apart in its legendary status, while music itself has had a longstanding unrivaled impact throughout the world.


Much like the Ancient Hymns known as Psalms, this section could not be included in the section of poetic books, despite it being composed of wisdom material that is indeed very poetic. The collection is the “Rosetta Stone” of one-liner wisdom truth statements and is broken out as its own genre to encourage the readers to consider the worth of each individual nugget as it is given. 

This book logo is representing the color of Carnelian, the sixth foundational stone of New Jerusalem. Used to make seal rings for stamping authoritative documents, this stone is perfect to symbolize the God-given wisdom of Solomon that believers can now experience for themselves.

Before Christ, God spoke directly to Israel through many people. The Word lives on for people of the Kingdom in many multi-faceted levels of fulfillment. This section contains both narrative and poetry woven through the three largest collections of these writers, Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel. Readers will notice that some of God’s Word here has already been fulfilled, while other content within is still awaiting its initial fulfillment in the days ahead.

This voice logo is the color of Peridot, the seventh foundational stone of New Jerusalem. Peridot forms deep in the earth similar to a diamond. Prophecy is some of the deepest material in scripture, with precious application.


Similar to the Books of Fulfillment, there are many other writers that wrote smaller collections of prophecy. These writings serve the same overall purpose as the three major prophets, but readers will notice varying styles among these many smaller collections.

This smaller voice logo is meant to symbolize the color of Beryl, the eighth foundational stone of New Jerusalem. Beryl is colorless in its pure form, and comes in many other varieties. This section of minor prophets is broad and diverse, across varying time periods and historical contexts. Centuries before Christ, all of these writers point people to God and reveal the coming of Jesus Christ, the church, and even the future yet to be realized.

The story of Jesus is given through four different perspectives in scripture. In this section, readers will read the gospel accounts multiple times to give Christ His historical significance. The chronology will not be buried at the end of the plan, as all scripture is inevitably pointing to Jesus. This section gives these accounts the proper focus as their own genre of narrative that follows the true, earthly life and walk of the One who is the only true way of life.

This cross logo is representative of the color Topaz, the ninth foundational stone of New Jerusalem. This stone is versatile, often associated with love and other positive attributes. The Gospel is everything and all that is good.


In this section, readers will go through the chronology of church narrative in scripture. The origin and establishment of the church is primarily recorded in a single book of the Bible (Acts), but that does not minimize the subject’s importance.

The dove and flame logo is the color of the Chrysoprase, the tenth foundational stone of New Jerusalem. This stone is associated with joy, healing, and many other uplifting and motivating attributes. While the stone’s associations and their connection to the Book of Acts are merely symbolic, the very nature of the book of Acts is a people on fire to serve and co-labor with Christ. Believers need to let this biblical experience and example become their own modern reality.

The early church distributed letters to encourage and teach believers in how to live for Christ in their day. Today readers glean from these inspired ‘love letters’ to develop an understanding of who Christ is and how His atoning work on the cross plays into every part of our lives, personhood, and thinking.

This heart-sealed envelope logo is the color of Jacinth, the eleventh foundational stone of New Jerusalem. This ancient stone name is now used to describe Zircon, a reddish-orange stone, and is thought to bring wisdom, honor, and riches. While the Christian life does not guarantee earthly wisdom, honor, or riches, it does promise that all of these are gained eternally through Christ and diligence in applying the Word to our daily life and walk.



Throughout scripture there is an expectation of “The Day of the Lord” and the final return of Christ. This apocalyptic genre of scripture is symbolic in the way it describes some of these events and presents pictures that readers are to study and consider daily. This will help to prepare us for Christ’s return with earnest expectation of that last trumpet sound.

This trumpet logo is representing the color of Amethyst, the twelfth foundational stone of New Jerusalem. The stone was named from the words “not intoxicated,” which was believed to be an effect of the stone. This area of Christ’s return is one that we must be “sober-minded,” about to make sure that we avoid ‘end of time’ deceptions.

Steps to activate Scripture listening

This is a great placeholder now and then when your schedule gets tight, but not a regular mode of operation.

On a iPhone:

  1. Settings
  2. Accessibility
  3. Spoken Content
  4. Speak Screen
  5. Go to Safari or web browser
  6. Search specific day of the plan you'd like to hear
  7. Swipe Down with two fingers from the very top of the screen

This process is similar on most devices, and our plan is more distinguished when it is not in "read-only mode." This keep the background video in the background, and focus on the Scripture itself!