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At Bethel Christian Center we believe that tithing is very important in regards to living out your faith. Giving in scripture is established as a first fruit to God. Giving the ten percent of personal assets back to God, known as the tithe, was an established fixture of the Jewish culture into which Jesus was born. 


In finances, as with every area of life, Jesus elevated new standards of generosity, sacrifice, and selflessness. When you give to Bethel Christian Center, you not only support many efforts to further the gospel here in Durham but also to reach the far corners of the earth.

Thank you for giving.

Online giving typically has been difficult for both churches and givers. You'd think you were giving $100 for example, but instead, our church would only receive $96.80 after the platform and processor took a cut.

That's why we're excited about our new platform, Nucleus Giving. They never take a cut of any gift you give, have negotiated the lowest market rates for our church, and together with your help, make sure all the convenience costs of digital giving are completely covered. In this way, 100% of your intended gift always goes directly to our church.

Thank you so much for helping and for your generosity!

You can give a one-time or recurring gift through the Give feature of the Next Steps button!!

Already shop at Amazon? Smile.amazon.com contributes funds to Bethel Christian Center at no extra cost to you. Clicking HERE is a simple way to allow Amazon to make a church contribution out of their pocket, for every purchase, every time you shop at Amazon!