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Bethel Christian Center App

Download our App from the Google play or app store! "Bethel Christian Center" by Jordan Bingham.

Our 2023 Bible plan will primarily be found on our app. Simply download today!

Bethel Christian Center's App has been developed primarily so you can easily follow along with the Bible Plan, even if you prefer to read from a physical hard copy of the Scripture!

Currently, on the app, you can follow along with the Bible Plan and you will see a landing page with several links back to our website. We hope this App and the "bible plan calendar" within is helpful, as you can even check off the text as you do it and get a "green update" on days that you have completed. If you are unfamiliar with downloading apps, here is the "how-to"!

Steps to download the Bethel Christian Center App:

1. If you have an iPhone go to the Apple App Store (image of app logo is on the left). If you have an Android go to the Google Play Store (image of app logo is on the right).
2. In the search bar type, Bethel Christian Center Durham, it will be the first and only option. Under the name of the app, you will see an icon titled, "get". If you have previously had the app it will show a cloud with an arrow pointing downwards. Click the icon and it will begin to download the app.